Beckman Course Selection Guide

9th Grade: 2020-2021

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7 Period Day Qualifications

Only students in the following programs may add a zero period to their schedule: ASB, Early College, AVID, Instrumental Music, and Yearbook.

AP and Honors Limit Information

In an effort to create a healthy academic balance, freshmen may request up to two weighted classes (AP or Honors). If the student wishes to request a third honors or AP class, the student and parent must complete an online interactive presentation and turn in a signed AP Limit Waiver.

Both the presentation and waiver can be found here. Email the paper waiver to Miss Coria at

Bring your signed paper waiver with you to registration.



English 1

English 1 H (Course Placement Recommendation: B Grade or Better in Grade 8 English)


Your student will be placed in a math class based on their grades and 8th grade Mastery Checkpoint score.

Algebra Enrichment (Pre Algebra)

Algebra 1

Algebra 1 Honors (Course Placement Recommendation: A or strong B in 8th grade math and proficient 8th grade matery checkpoint score)

Geometry (Course Placement Recommendation: C Grade or Better in Algebra 1)

Geometry Honors (Course Placement Recommendation: A Grade in Algebra 1)

Algebra 2/Trig (Course Placement Recommendation: C Grade or Better in Geometry)

Algebra 2/Trig H (Course Placement Recommendation: A Grade in Geometry)



AP Biology (Strong study habits/skills/grades in science and math classes recommended)

AP Biology Informational Video

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Chinese for information on Chinese placement click here


Spanish for Native Speakers


Students wishing to participate in Athletics MUST TRY OUT. In the meantime, all 9th grade students will be placed into Life Fitness. Team websites and coachs' contact information can be found here or on the BHS Website under “Athletics.”

Life Fitness

PE Marching Band/Jazz Ensemble

PE Colorguard/Jazz Ensemble

Pancakes with Patriots and Athletic Physicals are Cancelled


Elective Pathways Video


Human Body Systems-how the body systems work together to maintain homeostasis and good health

Engineering Design-research, analysis, teamwork, engineering standards, technical documentation

Photo Design-technical photo skills to make art and develop individual and cultural experiences

Graphic Design-applying 2D design to solve real world visual arts problems

Dramatic Production-writing, script analysis, directing, design, acting, self-evaluation, and critique


Exploration of Art-exploring visual art forms including drawing, painting, digital art, and sculpture

Dramatic Production-writing, script analysis, directing, design, acting, and understanding theatrical genres

Concert Orchestra-study and performance of music written for varying combinations of string instruments

Symphonic Band-develop and practice basic instrumental techniques

Guitar-reading chords, strum techniques of classical guitar playing while singing

Mixed Chorus-study and performance of music written for varying vocal ensembles


AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY-studying processes shaping human understanding, use & alteration of earth’s surface.

Yearbook-photo journalism, layout, copy fitting & writing, head-line and outline writing, and picture cropping *Requires separate application. Email completed applicaitons to

AVID-working in tutor-led groups, learn note taking, outlining, test-taking skills to prepare for college *Requires separate application (see below). Email completed applications to

Registration Dates and Deadlines

Registration is cancelled. Please have your course requests entered by 4/1

ASB/Student Leadership

Early College Information

For 8th grade students who are interested you will need to complete the application packet at the bottom of this web page and return to Tricia Grosch by April 21, 2020. Those who are interested in the program can complete and email the completed packet, including letters of recommendation, to Tricia Grosch at

Early College is not for everyone, so if you decide you want to pursue it, you will have to apply & get admitted to the program. Our program is a 4-year commitment. Unfortunately due the changes and the fact students are no longer on campus, we will NOT be having our 8th grade parent night. But, we do ask for those who are interested to complete the Application Packet and email to Mrs. Grosch. Once we know more about the testing and more information we will be contacting each person who has completed and returned their packets. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

UPDATE: - 8TH GRADE PARENT NIGHT HAS BEEN CANCELLED AT THIS TIME. I have a virtual 8th grade parent night for you! Please click here to access. If you have any questions, be sure to post them on the padlet wall here

UPDATE: Also - we do not have a definite date and time for the Assessment. At this time it is cancelled. Once we have a new date scheduled we will contact those who have submitted their application packets. - Thank you for your understanding.

See below for Program Overview PowerPoint and Application Packet

Aeries Login

To Enter your Course Requests, log in to Aeries and go to Student Info and Course Requests

8th Grade course request entry Feb2020 1


  • Parent and student have reviewed and agree to the expectations of all courses selected.
  • We realize these are course requests and placement is not guaranteed.
  • We understand that teacher and/or period requests will not be accommodated due to scheduling constraints.
  • We have listed two mandatory course alternates in the event our first choice is unavailable.

Questions?? Post on Your Padlet Wall