Tokyo, Japan

5 themes of geography by Beisy Gaytan

Human Environment Interaction

The average high temperature is about 19.8ºC (67.6ºF). The yearly precipitation measures are 1,528.8mm (60.189 inches).They wear sweaters/cardigans,tights and pants to adapt to the environment.They depend on plants and animals for food,clothes,tools to build and medicine. They modify the city by building tall buildings,rail roads,stores,streets and they effect the amount of plants and animals.


They use planes,trains/subways,cars,boats and walk to get to places. They mostly transport good by trucks and trains. Their ideas are moved by social media, radios ,television, broadcast,telephones and newspapers.


The government is a constitutional monarchy where the Akihito (the emperor) has limited power. It is similar to Korea from language grammar and the culture. There are many tourist attractions such as the Tokyo Skytree tower which is a broadcasting,restaurant and observation tower.It is the tallest building in Japan, its 6,340 meters high(thats like 20,800 feet high!).


The coordinates are 35.68N and 139.68E. North Korea is north west from Tokyo. South Korea is west from Tokyo.


  • Physical Characteristics

There is a river called Shakujii River. The river flows through the northwest part of central Tokyo.There is also another river called Arakawa River which is one of the principal rivers that flows thru Tokyo.The city also has a lot of buildings like stores, restaurants and offices.

  • Human Characteristics
There is a temple in Tokyo that is called the Senso-ji temple which is one of Tokyo's oldest.The temple was made for Kannon the goddess of mercy.The main religions are Buddhism,Shinto,christianity,folk Shinto or they are not religious.Their main ethnic groups are Japanese with 98.5%,Koreans 0.5% and Chinese 0.4%.The native language is Japanese.There are a lot of traditions such as festivals and clothing.There is a festival called the Fukagawa Matsuri which is one of the three major Shinto festivals.The traditional clothing are Kimonos.

Fun Facts

  • In Tokyo there are a lot of anime/manga things because many anime is made in Japan.
  • The population is 13.35 million.
  • Tokyo is known for its weird candy and food. From making your own mini burgers to making gravy candy (I'm not even joking).

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