Jack and Noah

the volcano

the start to end

There was once two young, little boys named Noah and Jack, They were the tricksters in the town of Oakwood. But there was one day the boys did not trick anybody and all hope was thought to be lost…

It was the night that the museum opened, Jack and Noah was getting ready for their greatest trick of all. They were going to steal the Golden Monkey. It was said that the monkey cost over a million dollars and had to be shipped in a plane full of cotton balls and foam inside. “All right, here’s the plan,” Noah whispered, “I will sneak past the guards and you will scale the wall and come in from above. When they finally got in the museum, they quickly scattered around for the statue. After a few minutes of searching, Noah found the monkey and grabbed it without anyone noticing and quickly replaced it with a decoy. The next few days, Noah and Jack set the statue down and left it in the basement. Months and months passed by as a giant mountain started to form and very quickly. Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire, Came down to the ally Noah and Jack always stayed in and told them about what the museum is doing, what it will do, and what will happen. “Jack, Noah, do you know what you just did? You just killed a lot of tourist dreams and you took away the most valuable item the museum.” But of course, Noah and Jack thought he was joking and walked off. Now Hephaestus was mad and started the volcanic eruption a little earlier and the next day the kids wake up with a THUDD!!! A huge fiery ball of magma dropped on the statue of Lance Oakwood, the founder for the place. “We have to get out of here with mom!” exclaimed Jack. Millions ran away with their families and when Noah and Jack Secured their mom out, a fire wall appeared around the village with them incased in heat. Then that was when they remembered Hephaestus’s warning. The giant god came down and told them about the statue and the kids ran to their basement before the lava spread in their house and brought the statue safely out of the house and ran into the lava filled museam.

They found the incased dummy."Hey! I found it... but the floor is covered in lava!" said jack. Jack made a path of broken chunks of the wall and got the statue back to its place. The lava stopped instintly and cooled too hard rock and the fire wall was gone. Soon everybody came back and started to rebuild the town and oakwood and the kids learned their lesson of never stealing again.

The town was built back to normal after a couple months of hard work. all the familys were happy and all the kids ran outside to see the beauty. Jack thought that he had every thing but in reality, he had nothing and both kids swore to never steal ANYTHING again from that day on

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