After-Care Plan for Family

By: Cara Chester

Tips for Mom

  • Breastfeeding is a great way for mother and child to bond. Reading to you're newborn or taking time to play with them are also forms of bonding. Bond with you're baby through sound. Babies love to hear their mothers voice. Talk or even sing to them. The sound of you're heart beat will relax you're baby.
  • To cope with postpartum depression a mother needs to set aside time for herself to relax. Pampering is advised as well. Don't skip on sleep. Rest is very important in the role of being a parent. Make sure you are nourishing yourself by what you are eating and how much.
  • To get your pre-baby body back you need to participate in cardio exercise. This type of exercise will burn the most calories. Walking, running and biking are some great examples. You can even walk with you're baby, bonding with him/her. Find or create a workout routine that fits you're schedule. Eat healthy and stay hydrated, preferably with water.

Tips for Dad

  • Dads can bond with babies as well. One great way is to set aside a time of the day to play with you're baby. This will become a routine that you're baby will look forward to. Make silly faces with your newborn and have fun. Peekaboo is a favorite. Another great way is to soothe you're baby. Don't pawn her off to mom but try to soothe the baby yourself.
  • A dad can become part of the care process by helping change diapers. If not breastfeeding then a father can bottle feed the baby. Becoming a part of bedtime routine is also advised. Kissing you're baby goodnight or even rocking him/her is helpful. Don't be afraid to step up and help!
  • With the new baby, mom and dad need to do things to make sure that their relationship is strong. Creating a great environment for their developing child. Some times parents need a break. Its okay to go out and have a date night. Drop the baby off at their grandparents. Be open to new ideas or ways of parenting. Be a good listener and be willing to communicate by talking things out.

TIps for Incorporating Children with Newborn

  • Prepare you're older child for the upcoming new family member. Let the older child help with preparing for the baby. These can include buying new clothes, and setting up the babies room. Include them and teach them the processes of taking care of a baby. If you're other child is a bit older and responsible, he/ she might be able to help bottle feed, change diapers, and or rock baby.
  • Be sure not to disregard you're older child. It may be easy to give you're immediate attention to the baby. Include the older child in pictures and let him/ her have bonding time with the newborn.
  • Keep a routine. Parents should set aside some time to bond with the older child as well as the baby. Maybe let the older child make decisions, like what they may want to have for dinner or restaurant suggestions. Bonding together as a whole family is encouraged as well. An example is to set aside one night a week to have a game night.
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