Paraniod Schizophrenia

By: Jessica Collins


A type of schizophrenia where someone thinks everyone is against them and their family and that no one can help them.


  • Social withdrawal
  • Hostility or being suspicious
  • Inability to cry or express feelings
  • Inappropriate laughter or crying
  • Depression
  • Oversleeping or insomnia
  • Strange use of words or way of speaking


  • Having a parent or a sibling with it
  • Exposure to a virus during infancy
  • Early parental loss or separation
  • Physical or sexual abuse during childhood


  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medical history and exam
  • Laboratory Tests


There aren't many ways to treat it but there are therapists who can help and there is also medication that can help but it isn't a cure.
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You can get better and live kind of a normal life but there isn't an actual cure. The good news is that no one usually gets worse when they are on treatment, they only get better.

Important and interesting facts

  • 1.2% of Americans get it (2.2 million Americans).
  • 1.5 million people around the world are diagnosed.
  • 80% chance of being able to predict it.
  • Men get diagnosed around the ages 18-25 and women do around ages 25-30.
  • This disorder affects more than 1% of the worlds population.
  • 10% of the people with it commit suicide.
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Ongoing Research

Doctors think that there is no real cure for the disorder but that people can manage a good life while having it.


The biggest controversy for this disorder is that 'people with the disorder need to be on drugs for the rest of their lives.' That isn't true because you don't have to be on medication. There are therapists that can help too.