Global Warming

By: Derrick, Sakif and Huy

What is Global warming

Global warming is Carbon dioxide and other gases like oil gathering in the atmosphere trapping the suns heat resulting the Earth to have lots of bad effects.

What are the effects?

Global warming has impact on People(health, food, water use and cost), freshwater(extreme wet, extreme dry and land ice), oceans(sea level, sea ice and salt water), ecosystem(lakes and rivers,land and salt water)temparature(air,ocean.water and ground)

Do YOU want to save these animals?

What you can do is

1.Recylce products

2.Use less heat

3.Drive less

4.Use less hot water

5.Plant a tree
6.Don't let heat escape from your house

7.Cover your pot when cooking

8.Take a shower instead of a bath

9.Fly less

10.Eat less meat