Drinking nowadays in college has lead to misfortunate things


College parties change over time. Back then, a party was about dancing and rarely making out with random girls and if you compare parties back then with the ones college students are having now, you will be shocked. All these kids do is drugs, alcohol, and unprotected sex. Drugs can lead to someone loosing their mind and doing things they will regret later. Alcohol can be very dangerous specially if a nonalcoholic drinks a variety of this sour liquid, their body could have different reactions and they could pass out right away. Unprotected sex is bad because they could transmit sexual diseases and also, girls most of the time, get raped.

Is drinking with people that you don't know worth it?

Your Health!

Young people think they are strong and push their body to their limit, some people don't think about what they do and have the worst time recovering from many things.
Binge Drinking in College