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Literacy Lowdown

A Skill to Last Forever

By: Mikenzie Leahy

Edited by: Claire Brindley

Literacy plays an important part in growing student’s linguistic and cognitive abilities through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The Barneveld elementary school takes these skills very seriously, as highlighted by Mrs. Myers second grade class. Mrs. Myers works hard to give her students the literacy skills that they will need to be successful in the future by working through the arts. Recently, Mrs. Myers and the high school English teacher, Ms.Bosch, had teamed up and paired students from the Advanced Composition class with second graders to work on writing and descriptive word choice. The class participated in a number of activities that included poems about themselves and descriptive word holiday activities. The second-grade class also performed the Shakespearean piece, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in front of a large audience. Mrs. Myers says that “The creative component really comes out in the play and allows students to make emotional connections to reading.” When asked about how important literacy skills are in her classroom, she stated, “That reading-writing component is like two friends.” She believes that literacy skills, especially the reading and writing elements are very much needed in the world today, as she states, “Literacy is a skill and a craft that is going to last forever and I want to give my students the tools to find their passion just the same as I have.”

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Literacy Madness

Damon Hendrickson

Literacy in the middle school has been worked on very much this year. It has always been a main focus point throughout the elementary, middle, and high schools. In less than a month, Ms. Bosch and Ms. Cox will be doing a fun activities with middle schoolers. Since March Madness in the NCAA is coming up, the middle schoolers will be doing a March Madness with books where they make a bracket with books. On March 9th, the students will nominate books and put them in a 16 team bracket. They will fill out their own brackets like real March madness with basketball. Then the students will read the books and decide which book wins on certain dates. They will find out the winning book on April 8th and there are prizes for whoever has the most accurate bracket and it will be displayed in the middle school hallway. This will be a very fun activity that students can enjoy doing and while improving their literacy skills.

Transformational Technology

Technology in Middle School

Damon Hendrickson

Barneveld has been using iPads throughout the whole school for a few years now and they are used for almost everything. They have been a very useful tool in the school because it allows all students to be on the same website separately. iPads are also very easy to carry around instead of books. Mr. Davis, an English teacher, does most of his teaching through technology. He uses Google Docs for papers, Google Slides for slideshows and presentations, and Google Forms for doing assessments. Mr. Davis uses Schoology a lot as well. Schoology is an app where teachers can create classes and assignments for students to get their assignments and submit them at anytime. He is doing a short story unit with his middle schoolers and all of the stories are in Schoology. He also uses Kahoot for reviewing different sections because it is a fun game but also a very good way to review. Next semester Mr. Davis will have his 6th graders use ScratchJr for different coding. Ms. Cox, an English teacher, also finds the use of iPads very important in her classes. She has students use Google Docs and Google Slides for papers and slideshows. Instead of using Schoology, Ms. Cox prefers to use Google Classroom because it is easier to use with Google Docs, slides, etc. In her classes she also uses Notability. Notability is an app that combines handwriting, pictures, and typing to create projects and offers many tools for note-taking to capture every detail. Teachers at Barneveld definitely utilize the new technology to the fullest extent. Even though the middle school has not had this technology as long as the high school has, the teachers make sure to use it as much as they can so they can get every student prepared for high school as best as possible.

New Technology

By: Skye Murphy

As the semester ended we bring in change. New iPads haven’t been much more than a rumor for quite a while, but as of recent we have brand new iPads. Originally the elementary and middle school had iPad Air 2’s while the high school had iPad Pro’s. Now we have iPad 7th Generation, which came out quite recently. These brand new iPads came out September 25th, 2019. The school decided to keep the current apple pencils because they were still in good condition. Many teachers also got new MacBooks.

This update comes as the schools four-year lease on the iPads we had ran out. Getting the iPads right at the end of the semester is far from convenient, as every high schooler just finished finals. The school decided that it was best to sell the old ipads at this time because the market was best for them now. When it is summer, every school is updating and selling their old technology. Summer is considered the best time to do so because the students don’t need them at the time, but selling iPads during the summer would have meant the price the school could sell them for would be lower, $20,000 lower according to Ray Rickert, because every school is flooding the market with their technology.

The money that the school saved from updating the iPads midway through the year goes to many different things. The money goes back into tech like getting new projectors in classrooms, getting new apps, and more. The elementary students were ecstatic to see a spot in their new cases to put an Apple Pencil or a stylus and many have brought in their own. Many teachers with their new MacBooks are excited about the ability to use Touch ID to unlock them. This may only save a few seconds in class but it is nice nonetheless. Overall the updates were a smart choice to do during mid-year and have benefited many within the school.

Academic Excellence Earful

Final Preparations

by: Hailey Zimmerman

edited by: Claire Brindley

For most high-school students, finals week is one of the most stressful weeks of the school year. Studying for hours at a time for some students and just a few minutes for others. When interviewing Tyler Bomkamp, a senior at BHS, he said that he doesn’t study for tests and still gets great grades on them, as he will be attending UW-Madison in the fall. After talking to Kaylene Doescher, she stated that she doesn’t study for most tests unless they are for her harder classes like Spanish 4, spending about two hours reviewing on websites like Quizlet. When she studies for Spanish tests and takes her time, she receives a great grade, but when she doesn’t study she can definitely see a difference in her scores. What to take away from these two students is that when you pay attention in class and engage in the subject, finals week is much easier. While talking to Grace Gordon about finals week, she said studying depends on the class, but she studies for harder classes, similar to Kaylene. Grace stated that she studies for about two hours maximum, but doesn’t see much of a difference in scores compared to if she doesn’t study. When studying, she chooses to write down the material in a notebook and review that way with no breaks, which could be why she doesn’t see a difference in scores compared to not studying. All three of the students interviewed agreed that, in some way, finals stress them out because they want to receive good grades in their classes, pressuring them to study. Mr. Draper, BHS History teacher, says he expects students to study in class when given time and also a couple more hours at home, and he is available to students who have questions. Everyone interviewed can agree that finals are beneficial to students in helping them prepare for what they will face in college and beneficial to teachers in assessing what the students have learned.

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The Importance of Physical Education

By: Jakob Koerwitz

In the past few weeks, Barneveld Schools has partnered with Cindy Kuhrasch to work on the importance of physical education within the elementary school. Cindy Kuhrasch works with UW-Madison and helps develop physical education. Ms. Kuhrasch, a former Barneveld teacher, is excited to be back at Barneveld and excited to work with students again. Ms.Eaton and Ms. Kuhrasch are working with the gym classes in different games and activities to see how kids respond and what they think of them. Ms, Kuhrasch said that the purpose of this research project is to see how teachers can positively influence kids' gym experiences. She said that students with positive gym experiences are 80% more likely to stay throughout the rest of their school days. The data from this project will go back to UW-Madison where people will analyze it before implementing this back into the programs to help kids grow in physical education.

Outdoor Gear

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