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Literacy Lowdown

"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks." -Unknown

Spelling Bee

Friday, April 26th, the 3rd-5th graders held a Spelling Bee. Over the past few weeks, classrooms have been holding small spelling bees to determine the finalists in the school Spelling Bee. Those who competed are:

Grade 3 - Adara M., Avery S., Caleb F., Cody S., Reese M., and Bennett H.
Grade 4 - Kimee T., Brody L., Madelynn I., J., Nolan B., Jayda O., and Ben B.

Grade 5 - Abigail S., Andrew F., Hayden B., Lainey H., Ryder B., and Nilaja L.

After many tough rounds, 4th grader Ben B. took first place and 4th grader Kimmy T. took second. Their dedication to the subject and hard work paid off. Good Job guys!

By: Sycorral Vasquez

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Trip to Costa Rica

"We are changing the world with technology." -Bill Gates

From March 21st to March 29th our Spanish Club here at Barneveld had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica. Leaving from Madison on the morning of the 21st, the students, chaperones, and teachers found themselves on a plane heading to Atlanta. After arriving in Atlanta, the next flight headed to Costa Rica.

The group went out to eat at the American diner Denny’s after arrival, for it was connected to our hotel. Short after, everybody decided to go to bed for the long days that would lie ahead of us. On day two of our adventures, we traveled to Sarchi, where the history of oxcarts and their fame were explained to us. This day also brought a great opportunity to go to a Costa Rican elementary school and hang out with the children. We spent time at this school exploring their classrooms, watching the children perform folklore dances, singing each other’s national anthems, and playing soccer in the courtyard. This brought joy to many of us, and for a majority, this was a highlight of the trip. Because it was so hot, we then decided to travel to our next hotel and relax for the night.

Day 3 brought even more excitement! We found our first adventure at Lake Arenal on the kayaks on this morning. Each of us were given a life jacket, and we found a partner to kayak with. Our tour of Lake Arenal included a beautiful view of the Arenal Volcano, kayak splashing, and even an optional swimming session in the middle of the tour. The tour guide even tricked some of us into thinking the waters had crocodiles in them! While still in the Arenal area, we then went on the Hanging Bridges excursion. On this adventure, we saw large amounts of wildlife, including sloths, lizards, snakes, and more! For some, this activity was too much for the heights were far too tall to conquer. After this excursion was done, we then finished our day at the Hot Springs. Here we sat in hot tubs and swam in water ranging from a variety of temperatures. Some made us feel very relaxing, while others practically burned our skin off! Overall, this part of the trip was also a heavy favorite and many people enjoyed the relaxation.

The next day was still busy, but seemed to be less jam-packed as day 3. On day 4 our group hiked in the Arenal forest and even learned about the eruption that occurred in 1968. While we were hiking, we saw sloths, monkeys, and vegetation from the eruption of 1968. It was a once in a lifetime experience! To end day 4 we planted a tree to help restore trees where the eruption had occurred. At the park we were previously at, workers had placed trees in the wrong location after the eruption. Because of this, we had the chance to plant a new tree in a different location, which will eventually be transferred over to that park when they’re big enough! It was quite the experience with an even better backstory behind it.

On Day 5, the brave ones in our group had the option to go on the zipline tour in Monteverde. This took up most of the morning, but this was a highlight of the trip for many. Shortly after, we traveled to a farm outside of Monteverde where we got to go horseback riding through the mountains. Personally, I have never been horseback riding, and I thought it was one of the best parts of the trip. I will never forget the landscape and view that we saw on that ride. It was so breathtaking for all of us. Because these things took up most of the day, we then traveled back to the hotel and an optional night walk was put on for the night.

The last few days of the trip were all quite similar to each other. We did tons of traveling to see all of Costa Rica that we possibly could! Our tour guide gave us the chance to have an hour of surfing lessons if we wanted them. About 14 of us had an amazing time doing them! The rest of the time was also spent trying new fruits, shopping, visiting Manuel Antonio National Park, swimming, relaxing at the beach, and making everlasting memories with our group. On day 9 we then left Costa Rica to return to life as we know it in Wisconsin. While the time may have not felt long or been as long as we had hoped it would be, the memories will forever be engraved in each of our lives. From this trip, we have truly came to understand that exploring the world, one country at a time, can truly change your life!

By Dayne Evans

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Academic Excellence Earful

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. " -Aristotle

Summer is right around the corner and students know what that means--fun summer school classes! The summer school courses have been posted and students are able to sign up for the ones that interest them. Melissa Carden, the summer school director, says “We try really hard each year to offer new and exciting courses, as well as old favorites, for the students. It is important for the summer school staff to ensure we are offering high-interest classes for all to make summer learning enjoyable.” The 2019 summer school courses run from Monday, June 10th to Thursday, June 20th and there are no fees for any classes. Summer school courses are offered every year because they are both fun and educational. With a variety of course options, all students can find one that applies to their individual interests. Artistic children would learn and have fun through classes like Jewelry Making and Pinata Party with Mr. Larson and Mrs. Meyers while children who love science can explore in classes like Wisconsin Ecology and Nature and Science Activities with Mr. Sturnick. There are also courses that students wouldn’t get the chance to try during the normal school year such as Beginning Sewing and Loom Knitting/Crocheting with Mrs. Faltz. These classes are just the tip of the iceberg with this summer’s course options, so all are encouraged to take a look at the lists. Those going into kindergarten-8th grade are able to sign up for summer school classes, and it is important that they consider doing so. Fun, educational summer school provides social opportunities, essential life skills, and an exploration of one’s interests which will benefit children in the long run. One example is how there are extra classes for the students entering 6th grade to help ease the transition from elementary school to middle school. Continuing taking summer school classes from elementary through middle school will help students know what they truly enjoy. This will make deciding on extracurriculars to participate in will much easier as they approach high school. “It is our hope to continue our student's learning throughout the summer months, and give them these great opportunities,” says Melissa Carden.

By: Audrey Hendrickson

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Parent Resources

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Elementary Field Trip to Brigham Park

Friday, May 17th, 10:30pm

3160 County Highway F

Blue Mounds, WI

Eagle Rally at 10:10

10:50 Activities begin

Senior Awards Night

Wednesday, May 22nd, 7pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

8th Grade Graudation

Friday, May 24th, 2pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Wood Gym

Class of 2019 Commencment

Saturday, May 25th, 11am

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Doors open at 10:15.

The senior video will be showing before the ceremony from 10:15-10:50 and again at the conclusion of the ceremony.