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Literacy Lowdown


Jakob Koerwitz

The elementary has worked very hard on their literacy this year. Barneveld has made it a point of emphasis to increase the writing success across all levels, elementary, middle, and high. Mr. Wright’s fifth grade class and Mr. Gabel’s fourth grade class recently finished a large writing project. When Mr. Gabel was asked how he prepared his students for future writing and the writing they had to accomplish today he said that the students do a mini lesson everyday that relates to the specific topic they are on, then he will display a model of writing for the kids, and then let the kids try on their own. The lessons that the students learn in Mr. Gabel’s are used the very next year. Mr.Wright's class this year has already finished a narrative essay and an argumentative essay. The class is working on a memoir right now, Mr. Wright said that the way the work on it is that he shows a model of what the writing is supposed to be like, the class practices as a whole, then he lets the class do independent work. In all levels of writing the author must check their work, re-read it, and then make any changes that are necessary. Barneveld has great writing and literacy programs, with great teachers at every level. The teachers at the high school have worked hard to improve the writing and literacy and that has trickled all the way down to the elementary. Even though we are excelling at writing and literacy we still need to keep working, and there's no better place to start than the elementary.

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Transformational Technology

Transformational Technology

Tyler Bomkamp

“The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.” - Lilly Walters

With a new school comes a new way of doing things. The previous announcements, which were spoken over the intercom to the entire school, have been replaced with two separate announcements. The elementary students are treated to daily made videos by the high school publications class. These videos provide the lunch menu, rules, and other fun things to engage the children. They are more engaging to the children than a dull voice over the loudspeaker. As for the middle and high school students, announcements reach them through a slideshow presentation created by a senior, Jack Thompson. These slideshows contain a plethora of information for the students, including lunch, weather, sports, and news necessary for day to day life. These student-created announcements provide a unique opportunity for students to take part in something within the school that allows them to practice their public speaking abilities and provide a service for their fellow students. By placing the announcements in the hands of the students, they have a new sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

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Academic Excellence Earful

Breakfast For The Excellent

By Whitney Waterbury

The week of November 18th, Barneveld School had an excellence breakfast for extraordinary students in middle and high school. The excellence breakfast is a special way for teachers to recognize students who go above and beyond in their Academics. At the breakfast, the principal, Mrs.Eslinger, announces why everyone is there. For example, Ms.Bosch nominated some students from her Women’s Literature class for how creative and amazing their projects were. The academic excellence breakfast is a new thing happening at Barneveld School, and only two have happened so far. The academic excellence breakfast is a perfect way to get students motivated to do better.

Academic excellence is taken seriously at Barneveld school. The school works hard to keep its students grades up, and stays at a college grading scale. When seniors graduate and choose to continue their education, most of them stay in college because Barneveld prepared them. At Barneveld school, kids are given more one on one time with teachers, since there aren't as many students. Students are in a more comfortable environment and have better grades.

Now, there are of course students who struggle with keeping their grades up, but since there is a resource class at the end of the day, students have the time to catch up and get help from their teachers. This is just another example of how much Barneveld cares about student success. It’s even better that teachers really care about their students. It gives the students more motivation to strive for academic excellence.

The breakfast for students was a great opportunity for students to talk to others who have the same goals. They all got to talk about their interests, and learn why each other was there. It was a great learning experience and hopefully Barneveld keeps it up.

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Outdoor Gear

With the wet, cold winter weather here in Wisconsin, please remember to send your child with appropriate outdoor gear. If students wear boots to school, please make sure to include shoes to change into.

Winter Weather- School Closing information

Once a decision is made about a closure or

delayed start time, this information is posted on our website, broadcast on local TV and

sent to parents using our district-wide messaging system. We will use the messaging

system to send each parent in our database a text message and phone call. If your contact

information has changed since you last reviewed it during the online summer registration

process, please call your school office to inform them of the changes.

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No School- Break

Monday, Dec. 23rd, 8am to Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2020 at 3:15pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

12/20 Dismissal at 3:15 pm

1/2 School Resumes 7:55 am

MS After School Study

Thursday, Jan. 2nd 2020 at 3:15pm to Thursday, Feb. 13th 2020 at 4pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Tuesday and Thursdays after school

Final Exam Week

Monday, Jan. 13th 2020 at 8am

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Monday: HS Exam Study and Pizza- IMC

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