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The Literacy Lowdown

"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks." -Unknown

I had the opportunity to talk to Mrs. Dehnert recently and learn more about the literacy projects she conducts with her middle school classes. Right now, the seventh grade class is finishing up a unit assessment and they are creating various platforms with their iPad (iMovie, Instagram accounts, etc.) to show what they have learned in class. This information is then being shared and presented to the class. The seventh graders have currently been given a topic to research about, and with partners, they are creating an iMovie to represent what they learned and will be sharing this information with the class. Mrs. Dehnert chooses to do these projects because it gives students voice in choice and makes it impactful to help them learn and apply it to themselves. This method of teaching allows students to really understand what they are being taught in class.

-Article Written by Jenna Peterson

Technology Tidbits

"We are changing the world with technology." -Bill Gates

I recently visited the Barneveld school kindergarten classrooms and spoke to one of the teachers, Mrs. Trevorrow , and asked her a few questions about technology use in the classroom. Mrs. Trevorrow mentioned that the kids use apps such as Mobymax, Leapfrog, and a green screen app that allows the kids to create fun videos. When I visited the other kindergarten class, Ms. Harris’s room, her kids were having their ipad time for the day. The kids were learning how to write by using an app that allows them to trace letters. In all, the recent investment of ipads has given the kids a ton of opportunities to learn and have fun. The kids really enjoy incorporating technology into their daily learning.

Article written by Sycorral Vasquez

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Academic Excellence Earful

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. " -Aristotle

Student Leadership in the High School

On Tuesday, April 10th Malcolm, Dayne, Audrey, and Tia attended the Six Rivers Leadership day held here at Barneveld School. These four spent all day with students from all over the Six Rivers to learn about being a leader and a positive influence for others at their school. While talking to Dayne, he described how the day was spent by talking about leadership and the mentality a leader has. The students also listened to a few speakers talk about their ideas on leadership. Dayne said he learned about ways to build a positive leader and what characteristics a good leader has. A quote he remembers from the day is, “A leader isn’t a follower, but someone who intrigues others to join him/her in doing something.”

The CESA 3 Leadership Summit was held in Lancaster at the fairgrounds for 10th graders from surrounding schools. Jackson, Karley, Kaylene, and Zach attended this event from our school. At this event, the students got to discuss ways they can be successful in their future goals. The students were also involved in team building activates that got them to meet other students, trust themselves, and take healthy risks. The UW Eau Claire’s head softball coach also came in to speak with the students to help them create a 90-day success plan. Karley spoke about her experience at this event and said how she now has the tools to help herself and her peers be successful and take healthy risks. The CESA 3 Leadership Summit will have two more sessions for our students in May.

-Article written by Jessica Walker

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Art Show

Tuesday, April 17th, 3:30pm to Tuesday, May 15th, 3pm

107 West Orbison Street

Barneveld, WI

Barneveld Public Library

Blood Drive

Wednesday, May 2nd, 9am-2pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

In the Multipurpose room

MS After school Study Hall

Tuesday, May 1st, 3:15pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

There is after-school study hall Tuesday and Thursdays at 3:15 and is open to all middle school students. Talk with your MS teachers for more details.

ACT Aspire

Monday, May 7th, 11am to Tuesday, May 8th, 11am

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Grades 9th and 10th

Early Release

Wednesday, May 9th, 1pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

K-12 is dismissed at 1:05.

NHS Banquet

Monday, May 14th, 6pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Held in the IMC

MS/HS Spring Concert

Monday, May 14th, 7pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Early Release

Wednesday, May 23rd, 1pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

K-12 Dismissal at 1:05

Exam Schedule

Wednesday, May 30th, 8am to Friday, June 1st, 1pm

304 South Jones Street

Barneveld, WI

Eagle Rally

Thursday, May 31st, 10:30am-2:45pm

Brigham Park Trail

Blue Mounds, WI

K-5 students at Brigham Park.

Rain locations will be in classrooms and gym.

Field trip forms will be coming home.

Summer Dates

Use this link to view important summer dates. Dates may be added as they become available.