Angular Cheilitis

Blog has Answers for those Suffering from Angular Cheilitis


Blog has Answers for those Suffering from Angular Cheilitis

UK (September 3rd, 2013) – Angular cheilitis is an inflammatory skin condition affecting the labial commissures or the mouth angles. For those who endure its affect, the irritation and embarrassment leaves them looking for answers and solutions.

Now, those who are dealing with the condition have a place to turn: a blog loaded with information. The website is located at and it provides both information and power to those dealing with the condition.

Angular cheilitis is often mistaken as oral herpes. The latter is highly contagious and thus a lot more prevalent; because of that, it is understandable that more people are familiar with oral herpes and its affect than angular cheilitis. For those enduring angular cheilitis, it is very important to distinguish between the two. Confusion between the conditions results in misdiagnosis; even worse, it can also lead to incorrect treatment.

The information included on can help you make the right diagnosis to determine what treatment to seek. It is best for those suffering to educate themselves about the differences between the two mouth conditions.

Various factors can trigger the onset of angular cheilitis. The most common causes include nutritional deficiency, poor-fitting dentures, use of expired cosmetic products, certain medical conditions, use of pacifier or feeding bottles among babies, thumb-sucking or fingernail-biting habits, cold weather, stress, and chapped lips. Not only can sufferers get an idea of the cause of their condition, they can read a wealth of information to determine how best to proceed.

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