By Jessica Stanwood

Business and Products

Japans products are known for there quality like Sony, Panasonic, Honda, Mazda, Canon, and Nintendo. Japan builds very high tech items.

Learn to Speak Japanese

Hello Konnichi wa (kon-KNEE-chee wah)

Good-bye Sayounara (sai-OH-nah-rah)

Please Onegaishimasu (oh-neh-guy-shee-mossu)

Thank you Domo arigato (doh-MOH ah-REE-GAW-toh)

Yes Hai (high)

No Iie (EE-eh)

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is huge in Japan they have Hello Kitty houses toasters and even a special Hello Kitty air line were the flight attendants wear Hello Kitty uniforms and give special Hello Kitty foods.


In the schools of Japan the kids are under a lot of pressure unlike american schools Japan kids call their teachers sensei when kids turn 10 they are given a lot of responsibility they study as much as they can and sometimes even get extra help on weekends.
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