Merryhill Speech Competition

Dear Parents,

It is that time of year again when we have our Annual Speech Competition.

Each student needs to pick a poem to memorize and recite on March 25th. Students may choose any of the three poems that were sent home.

Children who would like to participate in our Annual Merryhill Speech Competition will have the opportunity to recite their poem in front of the judges on April 7th and 8th. There will be a total of 3 Second Grade children and 1 alternate chosen to represent our school.

Annual Speech Competition

Monday, April 18th, 10:30pm-11:30am

1500 Yosemite Drive

Milpitas, CA

Speech Contest Evaluation Requirements

*Students must say:

1. Their First and Last Name

2. The Title of the Poem

3. The Author of the Poem

4. Why They Selected the Poem

*Judges are looking for

1. Good Eye Contact:

-Looked around the whole room the whole time.

2. Preparedness:

-Student was well prepared and knew all the words of the poem.

3. Voice Projection:

-Presenter could be heard in the back of the room.

4. Pronunciation:

-All words were perfectly pronounced.

5. Poise and Confidence:

-Presenter appears very relaxed, calm, and confident

-They did not rock back and forth, hands were not in pocket, and student did not pause

6. Performance:

-Speaker was captivating, entertaining, powerful, animated, personal, used hand gestures, and had great facial expressions