Primary Update

15th June

Staff Function

Thank you to the organisers of the staff function last Friday. A wonderful night was had by all who attended this event. It was lovely to see the DC staff celebrating as one and enjoying each others company.

Year Six Celebration

This Thursday evening will see the Year Six students celebrate the end of their PYP journey. It is sure to be a special night for not only the students, however every teacher who has played a vital part in the education of these students. As mentioned at Friday's briefing, if you would like to attend this evening please see the office to obtain a ticket to the event. We look forward to seeing you there!


Thank you to everyone for putting in the time and effort to complete your end of year reports. As of last Friday, all reports should have been sent to the PLT member responsible for reading them. Once read, the PLT member will get back to you in time for the reports to go live on Monday 22nd June.

Important emails to be sent out this week.....

Overview for the final two weeks

This overview will have some important tasks to be completed by every teacher before the end of the year. Please read carefully.

End of Year Primary Assembly & Transition Day

This document will contain all the information required for next Tuesday's assembly and Year 1 - 5 transition.

If you have any questions regarding any of the documents sent out please ask a member of PLT.

PM Reminders

A reminder to all staff that PM's are required to be completed and sent to my office (in hard copy) by Friday the 19th June. All forms must be signed by both members who have completed the document. If you have any concerns with this please speak to me early this week.

Week in Action

Professional Learning & Meetings this week...

Monday 15th June - Staff Meeting

Wednesday 17th June - No meeting as we have graduation the following evening. It would be lovely to see as many staff as possible attend this special evening.

Professional Learning & Meetings coming up...

Monday 22nd June -College Staff Meeting

Wednesday 24th June - Team Leaders Meeting

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