Maximize Dot Dollars - Day 7!

We are comin in on the home stretch!

You choose Today or Tomorrow!!!

NOW is the time to start making phone calls and immediately following up by text. You have sent the email, and reminded but this is the next step! YOU pick whether today or tomorrow is better just make sure you follow this step to add a few more dot dollars to your board!!
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Who do you call?

Anyone who has not responded to your email or shopped yet! Words to say LIVE are...

Hi Kelly!
This is Beth from Stella & Dot!! Thank you SO much again for shopping with me this holiday season. I hope you loved everything you got!! Also I have your dot dollar codes and they expire Wed would you like to use them???

Yes!! Awesome...Since I have you on the phone let's put your order in now since I have your codes right here!

Also would love for you to be my debut hostess!! I just got a sneak peak of the new line and it is gorgoues!! I have a 90 minute styling sessions left for January, would Jan 14 or 16th work for you?

If you get a voicemail
Hi Kelly! This is Beth from Stella & Dot!! Thank you so much for holiday order this season! I have your coupon codes, Im texting you now just text me back when you get a chance!

Then text the words to say ABOVE as if you have them LIVE!