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TOM WATSON:The Populist Party

Tom Watson,leader of the populist party offered a platform of banking, railroad reform, and cooperative farm exchange.There was and issue with this.For many elite Georgians the issue with this wasn't the economic politics but the fact that african american men as well as any race other than whites were encouraged to participate.
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LEO FRANK:Did he do it or was he Innocent?

Leo Frank was the manager of the National Pencil Company.On April 26,1913 Mary Phagan was found strangled near the furnace in the basement of the factory.Suspects or suspected to have some involvement of the crime were Arthur Mullinax,Newt Lee,John Gantt,an unnamed african american,John Conley,and Leo Frank himself.Out of all of these suspects most of the fall was on Newt Lee or Leo Frank.Later the only suspects left were Conley and Mr.Frank.Hugh Dorsey was the prosecutor or this case.Hugh Dorsey believed he could fix his reputation if he found the man guilty of this crime.The thing was there was no actual evidence against Frank only statements from Jim and other "witnesses".Some were so inaccurate and most only wanting attention from the public and have their pictures in the newspaper.In the end Frank was sentenced to be hanged, but governor John Slaton wouldn't allow instead he commuted the sentence to life in prison.Poor Mr.Frank still couldn't be saved.Many citizens took it upon their hands to force their way into his prison cell and hang him.Even though some knew he was innocent they thought it was too late to change their minds since they'd already come that far.
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Inventions of the time!

Jim Crow laws

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Jim Crow Laws

Laws that separated the South! They said that the laws were equal but separate. That sadly wasn't true. They made African Americans sit in the back of the bus. Have different bathrooms and even have different water fountains. They were separate alright, but not equal.

Letter from the Editor

Adela Trejo

Letter from the Editor

Sinjn Tompkins

I believe that Leo Frank did not kill Mary Phagan. There is no proof that he did kill her. They used yellow journalism against him. The only reason why he was put in jail was because he was an outsider. He was from the north and he was a Jew. They had no real evidence against him.

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