Take a Trip with Keiaria

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Hey, My name is Keiaria and i am going to tell you why you should take this trip. I want to take you on a fabulous adventure. I am going to take you to three places that is fun to go when you visit Minnesota.

Albertville Premium Mall

First we have Albertville Mall. This Mall is a good place to shop it is cheaper other than many places like the mall of american, south Dale, North town, etc. It offers you many deals and keep you updated about their new arrivals.

6415 Labeauv ave. albertville MN


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Mystic Lake

Cost: $1,200

My second Adventure i will be taking you is to Mystic Lake. A Place where you might like to gamble, swim, basket, and more. you might think this is a place that is not a place to take your children but you can. They have this place that is called the Dakota. In the Dakota you can play basketball, go swimming, play hockey, ice skate, and rock climb.

2400 mystic lake blvd. NW, prior lake Mn


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Dave and Busters

cost: $1500

My last and final adventure for you is Dave and busters. Very expensive but, a fun place to take you and your family out to have fun.

11780 Fountains Way, Maple Grove, MN

(763) 493-9815 ‎

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