Where did it go?

You've been busy...

The last newsletter was in April and it seems like that was yesterday. Datascan has moved offices, added many new faces, started implementing more SAAS solutions company wide and SBD has been making everyone crazy (in a good way) with that amount of new clients testing and transitioning to Datascan. So here's a very high level recap of YOUR accomplishments this year and some personal stories.




  • Married to Amanda and have 2 children, Harry (12) and Molly (8)


  • Rugby, Shooting (shotguns), Skiing and traveling


  • Anyone from Wales and Australia who gloat about the Rugby World Cup!
  • Saying Goodbye to our beloved dog that we had for 14 years.


  • Spending as much time as possible with Amanda, Harry and Molly.

Most Memorable Moments:

  • Saying hello to Harry and Molly for the first time, but then realizing that Harry was the spitting image of my brother!!
  • Being a fire fight in Iraq and Kosovo.

Moments to Forget:

  • Ordering Sushi in an up market German restaurant, happily tucking into in and realizing it was covered in Wasabi!

Wish I’d Never:

  • Played Rugby again after 11 years; it felt like I had been in a car crash.


After leaving school I joined the British Army and trained at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (equivalent to West Point). I served for 10 years in the Army leaving at the rank of Captain and having completed tours of Kosovo and Iraq.

On leaving the Army, I worked as a Sales Manager for a vending company, before realizing that I hated coffee and the tea was rubbish from vending machines. From there I worked as the Private Secretary from a High Net Worth Individual. Through his commercial exploits I identified a security company that required assistance to develop and grow. We developed a great reputation looking after the likes of Al Gore and Kofi Annan. We later sold the company.

I remained in the security industry founding a company and rapidly growing it to have a healthy turnover in its first year. We were primarily responsible for the deportation of illegal immigrants from the UK.

I decided that the I had enough of the security industry and fell upon retail, where I became the Regional Sales Manager, UK & Ireland for ShopperTrak. They are a US company that supplies analytical solutions to retailers centered around Footfall.

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Australia ... we were meant to be together! Market entered in Nov. 2014 and Eric is shaking things up!

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Almost there... Impressive Retailers working with Datascan! These Prospects should be official Datascan clients in early 2016!

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I'm getting married!

Kelly got engaged this year and is busy planning a 2016 wedding. Congratulations!
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SURPRISE - I'm married!

I love this story and it goes down as the coolest wedding story I've ever heard. So if you haven't heard that Eric got married in July you should read their blog for the full sequence of events. Don't be offended it you weren't aware he was engaged or thinking of getting married... you weren't the only one.
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I sincerely appreciate each and everyone on our Business Development team. I wish you all a Happy New Year full of both personal and professional 'wins'!

I'm not typically into New Year Resolutions but this year our family is trying something and see if we can stick with it. Here's a small confession... If I share it with you and you ask me how it's going maybe I'll be more motivated to not give up. (For those without kids, parenting consistency is one of the hardest things I've ever done.)

The goal is less yelling and more kind words. We need to be reminded to speak kindly, show love and build each other up on a daily basis. Each member gets 30 dimes to start the week with. Every time they yell, say something unkind or hurtful, 1 dime is put in the big jar. At the end of the week, whoever has the most dimes remaining in their jar gets to keep the jackpot.

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