RMS Weekly Event Calendar

October 31 - November 4

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What's going on this week!

I want to thank you for your participation and attention during our half-day professional development session last week. I hope the new information was helpful and inspiring. We know that it is so important for students to be motivated in their learning and participate in classrooms and learning activities that are engaging!

I also wanted to give you some additional suggestions on ways to keep students motivated and engaged:

1. Choose learning activities that interest the student and are relevant - Students like to know why they are learning something. If students are interested in what they are doing and understand how it is connected to real-life, they are much more likely to be invested in their learning.

2. Make it hands-on - Bring learning activities to the classroom that allow students to interact with the content. Research indicates that students learn best when learning is active, when they are engaged in hands-on activities and learning games, and involved in what they are learning. Scientists believe that when children use all of their senses, it helps the brain create pathways that make it easier and quicker to retain information.

3. Let students know you care - When students know teachers care, they are much more likely to try, work hard, and succeed. As teachers promote high expectations and provide support for students in their learning, they send the message that students have potential and are worth it!

4. Let students learn from failure - Encourage students to learn from mistakes. Through providing opportunities for students to revise their work, their confidence level increases. As teachers provide the support, feedback, and encouragement for students to learn from their mistakes, their willingness to take academic risks improves and their fear of failure begins to diminish.

5. Provide students with opportunities to evaluate work - When students are engaged in giving and taking critique daily with each other and with their teachers, they become more comfortable and aware that learning is not an "end" process but rather a process of continual improvement and growth. Encourage students to set learning goals for themselves and be willing to engage in conversations that promote high expectations and challenge them to continually look for ways to improve.

Thank you and have a great week at RMS!

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Monday, October 31

  • Bullying Awareness Day - Wear "blue" to support bullying awareness.
  • Tennis Tryouts
  • Tharptown Tip-Off Tournament

Tuesday, November 1

  • Tennis Tryouts
  • Tharptown Tip-Off Tournament

Wednesday, November 2

  • School picture remake - These will be done during lunch periods
  • Student Classroom Surveys - Teachers, please conduct your surveys during your 7th period class unless you don't have a 7th period class. If you don't have a 7th period class, you will conduct your surveys during 4th period on Thursday. Please see Ms. Bates if you have any questions.
  • Tennis Tryouts
  • Book Study - Eight Myths of Student Disengagement - Media Center - Immediately after school

Thursday, November 3

  • RtI Meeting - Media Center - Immediately after school
  • RMS Basketball vs. Haleyville Middle School - Home - 7th grade boys 4:00 p.m., 8th grade girls @ 5:00 p.m., 8th grade boys @ 6:00 p.m.

Friday, November

  • RHS Football vs. Guntersville High School - Home - 7:00 p.m.