Stress Awareness

Anthony Minor

How to deal with stress

One way you could deal with stress is to do things that get the stress out of your mind. One thing you could do is go outside and play some sports or something to get the stress off of your mind. One last way to deal with stress is do what you like to do. Normally that will make you feel a lot better than you were feeling before. Another Example is if you had a really bad day at school and you like to play basketball, you could go outside and shoot around for a while until you feel better. These are some different ways you could deal with your stress.

Stress definition

The definition of stress is pressure or tension exerted on an object or materials.

Learning about stress

Learning about stress is important because you need to know if you are stressed. If you are stressed that is really bad and you should try to find ways to "unstress" yourself. Its very important to not be stressed because if you are it could make you feel really sick. You DO NOT want to be stressed

How I deal with stress

One way to help me deal with the homework stress is to listen to music while im doing it or even ask my neighbor or someone nearby to help me. A way to deal with the stress in science is to pay more attention on what she is trying to teach us. The dealoing with the fighting between my parents is harder to deal with and they constantly fight and i always here it. I dont know how to deal with it right now.