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December 13th, 2020

Dear FMS Families,

Here are our newsletters and review of distance learning procedures for our final week of school for 2020. Thank you for your continued support. I know that distance learning is not ideal, but we are here to support you and your middle schooler through the next week. Please do not hesitate to reach out.


Beth Houf

Proud Principal, Fulton Middle School

What to do When-Trouble Shooting for Distance Learning

Newsletters for the Week

Student Priorities

1. Mandatory Google Meet at 9:00 with your 1st hour/advisory teacher.

2. Do your work and submit it everyday.

3. Email your teachers if you need help. Join Google Meets at the time of your classes for additional support.

Schedule for Distance Learning

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FMS Daily Distance Learning Schedule

The schedule below is what we will utilize during the temporary closure. Your middle schooler can follow the schedule or work at their own pace as long as daily work is completed. Due to teacher illness/special circumstances, some schedules will have to be varied. These teachers will share that information with you.

  • All instruction and assignments will be loaded into Google Classroom by 8:00 each morning. Teachers will provide videos of instruction so that students can re-watch as often as needed. We have utilized Google Classroom extensively this year, so students are very familiar with this platform.
  • Teachers have daily office hours to connect with students and families as needed.
  • Teachers will be available and offer optional Google Meets to support lessons. These are not required but highly encouraged to keep your student on track.
  • Middle schoolers have a mandatory Google Meet at 9am. Students can turn off the video feature if they prefer. Please notify the advisory teacher if there is an extenuating circumstance.
  • For attendance purposes, students must log into their Google Classroom daily and complete their assignments.
  • We will break for lunch here at FMS at 11:25. Middle schoolers can eat, of course, whenever it works for you. There is information on grab and go lunches in the letter in the helpful links below.
  • The distance learning plan below goes over more specifics.

Additions Made After Feedback

  • Beginning Monday, December 14th, advisory teachers will communicate all missing assignments to students/families during the 2-3pm office hour times.
  • Students will only have 1 assignment per class, per day to turn in to each teacher.
  • Google Classrooms have been more streamlined to look similar and due dates will be added to all assignments.
  • Assignments have been listed in newsletters and will continue for the remainder of the year so that families know what needs to be turned in each day.
  • If a student is missing more than two subjects on Tuesday, an additional staff member will be reaching out to support so that your child does not fall behind.
  • All lessons will be available in Google Classroom via video by 8:00am daily. If you cannot find these lessons or there are problems, please contact Mrs. Houf asap.
  • New learning will be shared this Friday as well as next Monday-Thursday. Friday will be used as a review day before break.

Helpful Links

  • If your student requires a hotspot for internet access, please fill out the form at to request one per household. The hotspots will be given to students by the end of the day on Thursday.

  • During this pivot to distance learning, meals will be available through Grab and Go from Friday, December 11 to Friday, December 18, between the hours of 11 am - 12:30 pm at Fulton High School, #1 Hornet Drive. If you plan to pick up meals, please fill out the form at ASAP. When picking up, please pull into the circle drive and either roll down a back window or pop the trunk for a contact-free delivery of food.

Should you need help with Google Classroom, Google Meet, SIS 360, Remind, or Google Apps for Education, these Technology Tools for parents can be found here Parent Tutorials.

Google Classroom for Guardians

Google Classroom

FPS Distance Learning Plan