Oh this isn't about pizza in class

Ok so this is about gum not pizza. I CAN WORK WITH THIS!!!

Gum is this amazing , delicious, flavorful substance that everyone loves. But did you know it can even help you do better in class. To chew or not chew say " Gum chewing helps students stay awake and alert". Also To chew or not chew says that " gum promotes learning by helping students work better and longer.
Gum is something that many people have on a daily basis but some schools ban it. Gum can help many students work longer and concentrate, " soldiers have chewed gum since World War 1 to improve concentration" says To chew or not chew . For example To chew or not chew states that "students who chewed gum during a class over a 14- week period had a significant increase in test scores and received a better final grade compared to those who had not chewed gum. So this shows that gum can really help students and gum should not be banned from schools because of how useful it is.