Catfish in Danger Guadalupe River

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Sewage and Organic Material Being Dumped Into Water

Sewage and organic materials are being dumped into the waters surrounding the Guadalupe River State Park. This not only can provide negative affects for the environment, but also for the health of the ones committing this crime to nature. Also, by dumping large amounts of toxic sewage into the Guadalupe River, it starts to build up nitrogen compounds in the ecosystem with the excess buildup of nitrogen compounds, it disrupts the nitrogen within the river, which, if they enter the organisms like our catfish that we eat, then it could give the toxins free passage into our bodies, and the toxins could affect us as well. Eve if the fish does not die when invaded by the toxins, when we eat it, it could affect us.

Nitrogen Cycle Being Disrupted

With all the sewage and organic materials being dumped into the water, the nitrogen cycle is being disrupted. When organic materials are tossed into lakes and rivers too much nitrogen gets into the river, increasing the amounts of algae and other substances that thrive on nitrogen. Even though algae makes oxygen, it dies off very quickly and rots at the bottom of the lake. This whole process requires a lot of oxygen and in some instances more oxygen is taken than produced, as well as, when the algae dies, it leaves large amounts of nitrogen when all the algae decomposes. This process is affecting both the nitrogen and oxygen cycle. When there is too much nitrogen, there is a process called eutrophication. With the excess nitrogen in the water, it stimulates an algae bloom and in result, the oxygen level deplete, killing all organisms (more commonly, our catfish), in the water.

How To Prevent It

Some ways you can prevent waste being dumped into our rivers are...

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Tell others about this message
  • Do not dump waste into the rivers
  • Warn others not to dump waste into the rivers
  • Plan how you are going to be eco-friendly on your trip
  • If you see anyone dumping, report them to state park officials

Help Save the Park!