Guide to Stoich

How to setup,balance and solve equations By: Jacob Felix

How to setup and solve equations

  1. Write a balanced equation for the reaction.
  2. Write the given mass on a factor-label form.
  3. Convert mass of reactant to moles of reactant.
  4. Convert moles of reactant to moles of product.
  5. Convert moles of product to grams of product.
  6. Pick up the calculator and do the math.

Carbon Dioxide and Calcium Oxide


Balanced Equation and Molar Mass for reactants

CaO + Co2 >CaCo3

Calcium Oxide, Carbon Dioxide, Calcium Dioxide

56.0077 =CaO

44.018 = Co2

100.086 = CaCo3

Mole to mole: 0.92 moles

mass to mass: 44.01 G

Limiting and Excess Reactants: 1.3

Theoretical Yield :109.8%

Percentage Yield: 109.8%