Kindergarten Update

May 16, 2016

Where did the time go?

It's hard to believe that this is the last week of Kindergarten! What a wonderful year! Your children have grown physically, socially, and academically. They (and you) were patient and understanding as I faced my health challenges. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to miss the first five weeks of school (just ask my surgeon...she really had a "sit down" with me regarding the wait for surgery and the mandated recovery time. She had to remind me that I didn't plan this and that families would understand...thankfully, you all did)! Even through the chemotherapy, hair loss, wigs, hair gain, sore joints and muscles, the kids hung in there with me. Many people can't believe I worked (especially in Kindergarten) during treatment, but I was fortunate that my oncologist encouraged it. Being with your sweet children was my "normal!" Thank you for entrusting them with me. They were my silver lining and tiny blessings this year!

I hope you enjoy your summer with your children. It's always nice to have things slow down a bit. I will offer some advice, though...children grow up so quickly (I have one turning 25 on Friday and I can vividly remember walking him to his Kindergarten classroom on the first day, trying so hard to hide my tears). Take time to hold them on your lap and read to them (this class loves read aloud time). High school graduation will be here before you know it!

This Crazy Week...

*TOMORROW (Tuesday, May 17): Kindergarten Field Day 9:00-10:30...keep your fingers crossed for dry weather. If we have rain, we'll move indoors and play games in the classroom.

*Wednesday, May 18: Stone Lion Puppet Company will visit and perform "The Emperor Penguin's Clothes." The performance will begin at 8:45, so try hard to have your child at school by that time!

*Thursday, May 19: Yearbook-signing party.

*Thursday, May 19: Last day of Kindergarten :(...normal dismissal time.

*Friday, May 20: Last day for grades 1-5...11:45 dismissal.

*Friday, May 20: Grade cards can be viewed at "Parents Online" at 4:00.

***Please make sure your child empties his/her backpack each evening. They'll be bringing lots of "treasures" home and will need the extra packing space! You might even consider sending in a large shopping bag, "just in case!"