Terra Linda Times

Week of March 21-25

Hello Friends!

Here is a weekly newsletter with important dates, activities , and school information. It is also how we will track behavior and other action plan data. Please read it weekly and include your classroom data.

March 11

March 18

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Jaycee IS HERE this week!


She will be in the Kiva

Week At a Glance

Monday Net Smartz Assemblies, Teacher Transfer Fair

Tuesday Third Grade Marketplace, Regional PTA here, School PTA Meeting

Wednesday Short Day! NO PLCs. Jen and Team Leaders at Principal's Academy

Thursday Spring Break!

Friday Spring Break!!!!

Looking Ahead

Please put the following dates on your calendars:

April 14 Leadership Night- we will need a lot of teachers there!

April 30 Comcast Cares Day- Come help our community make our school even better!

Please Read:

Please check your Principal's Pride sheet and make sure you are getting to every student. If you still have a lot left, please start turning in multiple names at once. I want to be done with Principal's Pride by May 19th.

If you (and your family if applicable) are coming to Comcast Cares Day, please register yourselves either online, or using the form in the office. It would be a great service project to participate in, you could be in your own classroom while people are working in it, and I know the families would love to see you. It's over by noon, so you would still have most of the day left to enjoy. And you will help us earn money for more audio systems for your classrooms. Even if you only come an hour, we'd love to see you. Thanks!

There is a Google doc with teacher sign-ups to help with Night at the Museum. Please sign on to that document if you are able to help. We will need plenty of volunteers. Thanks!

JSAS for March is due on the 31st instead of the 25th due to Spring break, but don't forget!

Please don't be lax with security in the tech room. Also be sure you are checking materials out appropriately and not just taking them. Team Leaders will share more info with you soon.