My Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial has faces of four former presidents:George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.It was desingned by Gutzon Borglum.It’s near keystone, South Dakota.It was finished in 1941.I would have the faces of these people carved into the granite: Jeannie Linder, Scott Linder, Ellis Linder, and Bev Eide.

My Mom Jeannie Linder

The first person I would have on My own Mt. Rushmore is my mom Jeannie Linder.She has taught me how to cook lots of food.We bake cookies and brownies in a lot of our free time.She has taught me how to do chores.So now I have chores everyday.

My Dad Scott Linder

My dad Scott Linder , would be second person on my Mt. Rushmore.He coaches most of my sports' teams,so I get a bunch of extra practice.The result is I'm getting better with my skills. My dad inspired me to play many sports I enjoy playing softball and basketball.

My Cousin Ellis Linder

Ellis Linder, my cousin would be the next person I would put on the Mt. Rushmore that I create. She has inspired me to go to college. She tells me all about college all the time. She also helps me bake pies. At my grandma's house she helped me make apple pies.