Women's life in 1830

Listen up America

Life in the factor cruel or right?

People have been hiring women to do jobs in a factory but get payed so little and the hours aren't right either so join me Noe Romero to let women and children live happy lives not work 10 hours a day working for less of minimum wage.So I Noe Romero think factory's should ROT IN HELL!!!

~Noe Romero words of wisdom

Should women have rights?

Rape. Honor killings. Domestic violence. Around the world, the lives of women and girls are marked by fear. Their second-class status hampers their education and job prospects, leaving them impoverished and economically dependent.Women get treat like trash and i don't think women deserve it because they never done anything to us but we men take advantage of them.So my opinion is we men should and treat women like if they were us and give them rights. ~Noe Romero Quotes