DELETE Cyber Bullying

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The Basics of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is bullying that happens through using electronic technology. Cyber bulling can be communicated in the forms of text messages, emails, social networking sites, and other websites. Mean texts or emails spread rumors, and embarrassing photos or videos are put on the internet. Another technique some people use for cyber bulling is creating fake profiles.
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The Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cell phones and computers are not always the things to blame for cyber bulling. They can be used to connect with friends in a positive way. But when kids use them to hurt people to entertain themselves, it can lead to bullying in public. Kids who are cyber bullied (or bullied in any way) are more likely to:

· Do drugs or alcohol

· Skip school

· Have suicidal thoughts

· Have more health problems]

· Have low self-esteem

· Experience in-person bullying

· Receive poor grades