Brainstorm for Your Future!

Join VIA's first online ideation challenge!

Are you a VIA alum? Do you remember the fun days in San Francisco being creative and brainstorming? Do you miss it all? Come relive your creative spirit for a 20 minute ideation challenge!

If you are new to VIA, come join this challenge for a free and fun preview of the innovation methods we learn in the Exploring Social Innovation Program happening this summer! You can apply to join us in Silicon Valley by May 27.

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The Challenge Topic

The big question we're brainstorming on will be:

"How might college students and graduates in Asia support themselves and each other to discover their future path?"

Young people in Asia (especially in college and after graduation) often feel a lot of pressure to decide their future based on the expectations of their family or society, even if they aren’t satisfied with those choices. It can also be hard to understand one’s own interests or passions, as well as what opportunities and needs there are in the world. Sometimes, it can also take courage to create one’s own path because the right one may not exist yet.

We want to ask ourselves, and all of you: What are some ways that young people can understand themselves and the world more deeply to decide what steps to take for their future direction?

Awesome! Where do I start?

We also have cool prizes for you!

That's right! The top 3 ideas will win exclusive VIA T-shirts! You will also get a chance to discuss your project/idea discussion with us and take it further with the rest of the alumni community! So what are you waiting for? Join us for the challenge, and get those creative brainstorming muscles working again, or begin your journey and learn more about what it's like to be a part of VIA!

So what are you waiting for?

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