Willy Brandt

By Sabian Thompson

Info about Willy Brandt

Full name: Willy Brandt: Er ist Willy Brandt

Father's name: Herbert Frahn-- sien vater heisst Herbert Frahn

Mother's name:--

Date Born: 12\18\1912- gebonen am 18,December 1913

Date Died:10/18/1992- Gestorbenam 8,October 1992

Birth blace:Lurbeck, Germany--im lubeck,Germany

Death\Burial place: Unkel,Germany--Er war im Unkel, Germany


Contemporary:Herbert Frahn


He had started an underground ressistance group. He was very big into politics and became mayor.

Interesting info

He went to local grammer school and graduated in 1932.Son of an unmarried shop assistant. He went to norway and became a leading figure in German exiles.


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