Bonus for working in the summer

work extra in the summer and get a bonus

Summer jobs

  • Tax office support
  • Office leader
  • Training

Benefits of working in the summer:

A bonus. Depending how well you do, and treat our staff, you will receive a bonus, and a raise of 3%.

A good thing is getting to know your staff members. Working in the summer is a great opportunity to get to know our members and staff workers.

You're always expected to show up for your job, and doing so you will always learn something new each time you show up.

Tax office support

we have a variety of service support opportunities to meet your career interests. Our service support roles assist our tax offices to run smoothly by supporting the daily operations

Office leader

Office leaders are responsible for the overall operation and results of H&R Block retail tax offices, including daily supervision and coaching of office associates. If you have the enthusiasm it takes to develop and motivate people, leading a tax office could be the right opportunity for you.


The field training organization is responsible for preparing H&R Block tax professionals, the top tax prepares in the industry. What we do is ensure that our future professionals are ready to work this us. After, we continue to enhance their tax knowledge year after year.