Morning Meetings

Building your own Culture of Learning in your classroom!

Why Morning Meetings are Important

I use morning meetings to help build community in my classroom. I don't want my students to think that the classroom belongs to me, it is our community. We all share responsibility in making sure we are kind, collaborative, and have an effort mindset. During morning meeting students share interests, thoughts, fears, and ideas. This allows each student to be heard. We often find out we have a lot in common with each other. We speak, we listen, and we show compassion. We feel safe and secure in our learning environment, so we are willing to take risks and learn from each one another. I strongly feel that the morning meeting helps foster the classroom as a community.

Another Idea use the Routine

When you first start morning meeting it may be easier for you to create a routine.

Monday: Get to know you Pinterest. There are some fun activities with candy. Ideas will be posted below.

Tuesday: Goal setting. Today is Terrific Tuesday, share one thing you are going to work at being terrific at.

Wednesday: Try Would You Rather Wednesday, when students choose, they must explain why, This is a very fun way to get to know students!

Thursday: Thankful Thursday, share something you are thankful for.

Friday: Fitness Friday, there are so many fun quick dance videos you can share and quickly do, this gets kids moving and laughing!


1. Hand out baggie with skittles. 2. Students bring baggie to carpet. 3. Students choose one skittle. Then close the bag. 4. Show the color and question key you created. 5. Student shares to the left, then the right. 6. Whole Group Share.

Would You Rather (WYR)

1. Pick just one WYR, and post it on the board. Explain that students must tell WHY they those what they did. 2. Students then shares to the left, then the right. 3. Whole class share.

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Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Dinosaur Stomp: House Party Dance-A-Long Workout
If You're a Kid
Practical Kindness

Short one minute video of showing kindness when a child is made fun of. Discuss the way the young man felt that was being mad fun of. Discuss the courage and leadership of the young man that "took a quite kind stand".

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