Page 1: Historical Background

The capital city is Antananarivo.
The population is Madagascar is 22.92 million.The continent is located in Africa. The major rivers,ocean are found there are Mangoro,Maningory,Manandra,Ivondro,Mananjary, and the Indian Ocean. French and Malagasy are the offical languages in Madagascar.

Page 2: Reasons to Live/Visit

The landmarks sites are found in Madagascar is Avenue of the Baobabs,Ankarafantsika National Park, and Zahamena National Park. Madagascar is famous for Pepper, Vanilla and Lemurs. The natural resources are Graphite,Chromite,Coal,Bauxite,Rare earth elements, Salt, Quartz, Tar sands, Semiprecious stones,Mica,Fish,Hydropower.The current leader is Hery Rajaonarimampianina. He is a Republic government.

Page 3: Roots of Imperialism

Madagascar was colonized by the French after they invaded in December 1894. Madagascar was colonized by the French in December 1894. In need for natural resources such as coal to help power industries. Gaining independence in 1960, but maintained strong relationship with French,English,and the U.S. However, Madagascar has been successful in creating a Republic over a dictatorship and most of the leaders after 1960 were elected.French remains a popular language and French cuisine and French-Style building are also found throughout the country.

Page 4: Road to Independence

In June 26, 1960 Madagascar gain Independence. 160 million years ago Madagascar is born as it separates from the African mainland. 1894- France invades Madagascar and takes the capitol.1947- French crush rebellion led by Jean Ralaimongo.80,000 Malagasy are killed.1960- Madagascar gains Independence.2001- Marc Ravalonmanana, mayor of Tana is elected president with 52% of votes. 2003-Government announced major restricting of school education.