The Industrial Revoulution

By:Emerson Langford

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was a time when man was replaced by machines, many things were going on at this time. Sanitation wasn't as important as it is today. people drank water from the sewage pipes and didn't take baths for long periods of time. many people died from diseases do to the contaminated water and polluted air from all of the new machines being produced. child and adult labor was also a big deal during the industrial revolution. people were overworked because of all the new machines.

child labor

the amount of child labor increased because only one machine could do the work of 1,000 people and the more things produced the more money they would recieve. most of the children died for being over worked and starved because they weren't payed enough to buy food.

Assembly lines

Assembly lines in the industrial revolution were when each person in a company had a specific job for example when they were building cars one person was in charge of the wheels and another person was in charge of the breaks. assembly lines were very important during this time because of all the new machines being invented.