Stability Balls

Let's be safe!

We use stability balls as chairs - plain and simple!

We do not use them for the following things:
  • Throwing
  • Standing
  • Laying
  • Kneeling
  • Writing (on)
  • Bouncing
  • Anything that you doubt you should do!

Please care for the ball like it is your own!

Using the stability ball is a priviledge!

I want you to enjoy sitting on a stability in health class, but this is a privilege; it is not a right. If you cannot demonstrate the maturity to participate in this exciting opportunity, a regular chair will be provided for the remainder of today's class. Next time we meet, you will use a regular chair again, and will be asked to talk with the teacher to explain why you should be able to use a stability ball. The teacher will decide if you can safely sit on a ball in the future.