The Civil Rights Movement

By Tony Sallee

The Civil Rights Movement in a nutshell

The effect of the civil rights movements back in the 1960s was not as monumental as the effects of all of the movements going on recently. Why? Because back then there were small groups of helpers and large groups of oppressors, whereas now there are only small groups of oppressors.

In today's day and age, the amount of people who are oppressed because of the color of their skin and their beliefs or sexual orientation has gone down a lot. Potentially due to the serious movements that took place during this time frame. In this paper I will talk about those movements.

Many different tactics were used, some were more effective than the rest. Examples of tactics used are; sit-ins, other types of civil disobedience, marches, strikes, and sometimes even violent riots! Some tactics were more effective than others. Some people, like Martin Luther King Jr, would argue that violent tactics caused more harm than good, whereas others, like Malcolm X, would argue that it was the only thing that got the job done.

Sit-ins are when the colored community decided to sit in the seating areas of the whites. They started with one college student sitting in the white area. He was asked to leave, but he didn't. Others started catching on, maybe this would make a difference, so they started nationwide. In the end, I think it did give people more power, but I don't think it was a major turning point.

A few other types of civil disobedience would be like when Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat for a white man. Different from the sit-ins that were being started, she didn't give up her seat and was immediately arrested. After this occurred, the colored community gave up taking any form of public transportation until the segregated seating was removed. This, as a form of strike, was very effective as it could have had a detrimental effect on the community,

Violent riots were arguably the most effective movements that the civil rights movements used. They would start fights, destroy things, steal things, and give an idea about just how strong a community really is. They had power, and they could use it. Malcolm X started and perpetuated the violent outbursts, as he believed that they were the best way to go. Martin Luther King Jr believed otherwise.

Important Players in the Civil Rights Games

During the time when all of the civil rights movements were going on, there were several major players to the "game"

Here, I will talk about some of them.


The KKK was a large community of people who did not accept any "non-americans" and that term alone is the major problem.