To care for animals that are in need

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Information about being a veterinarian

The salary is $66,590 per year. Rewards is very good and depending on experience, location, and whether the veterinarian is salaried or in private practice. The Benefits for salared Veterinarians include paid holidays, vacations, heath insurance, and pension plans. You need to be good at a lot of things before u decide to be a Veterinarian and u need to have good grades in your classes.

Education and Training

D.V.M. degree requires a minimum of 6 years of college consisting of at least 2 years of preveterinary study that emphasizes the physical and biological sciences and a 4-year veterinary program. Most successful applicants to veterinary programs have completed 4 years of college. Need a B or higher in all your classes.

Job outlook

In private practice, demand for veterinarians will increase as more people are expected to take their pets for visits. Also, veterinary medicine has advanced considerably, and many of the veterinary services offered today are comparable to health care for humans, including cancer treatments and kidney transplants. However, due to overall slowing growth of the veterinary services industry, employment gains of veterinarians will be slower than in the past.