My life story

By Danijela gladovic

My life story

My life story it all happen when I was BORN. I was born on the 6 of July in 2001 it was a miracle on that day. and the two things that made me was my mama and Tata. mama and Tata in my language means mum and dad.

When I was born I had 3 older sister Helena the older she was 8 at the time in my family we look up to Helena we all were thing at she would be great when she older and she is great she has does high school and Helena has does one year of RMIT.

Jelena is my other sister and she was 5 when I was born and now a 11 year has pas and she 16 year old Jelena is in year 12 she go to Mordialloc high school.

My other sister Elena she was 4 when I was born me and Elena were and are BFFFF she 15 and she all so go to Mordialloc high school

When I was 7 year old I movie to here in carrm down in year 2 year 3 for me was the best year of my life but year 4 I just hate it I had no friends but I made some friends it was good year 5 was good but YEAR 6 WAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

The End!! !

By danijela gladovic