Brontë Spondike

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Ireland Facts (Ireland/U.S.)

Population: 4.8 million / 316.4 million

GDP: $188.9 billion / $16.8 trillion

GDP Growth %: 3% / 1.9%

GDP Per Capita: $39,547 / $53,101

Unemployment: 13.6% / 7.5%

Inflation: 0.5% / 1.5%

Foreign Direct Investment: $35.5 billion / $187.5 billion

1. Legal System

In recent years, Ireland has been rising above both The United States and China, when it comes down to property freedom. Property laws are well protected in Ireland.

2. Competitive Markets

Again, Ireland seems to rise above both Chin and The U.S., in investment freedom. Ireland does have some barriers for international investment.

3. Limits on Government Regulation

The U.S. rises above Ireland in labor freedom, which is something I would suspect. Although, in Ireland, relatively flexible hiring and dismissal regulations sustain an efficient labor market.

4. An Efficient Capital Market

When it comes to financial freedom, Ireland and the U.S. have remained relatively equal, mainly because they are larger countries with high economic success.

5. Monetary Stability

Ireland, China, and The U.S., all remain fairly free due to their government and the size of their countries.

6. Low Tax Rates

While in the U.S. and China's government spending stays stable, Ireland seems to be all over the place which could be effected by corruption within the government.

7. Free Trade

Because Ireland and The U.S. remains above the free line this means that their economy is overall strong due to the fact that it is free.
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