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December 4, 2015 Ms. Ronda & Ms. Lisa

A Glance into Room 325

We have had a busy week learning about different versions of the classic tale of The Gingerbread Man. We have read stories that are classic, set in the city, or include different characters. We also had some time to play a gingerbread man game that included counting and finding numerals and write a class book that highlighted things we can do (the gingerbread man can run fast; what can you do?). On Friday, we are concluding this fun week by baking our own gingerbread man. Do you think he will stay in the oven until we get him out? Ask your child so you can find out more about our day! Here are some of the Desired Results Developmental Profile Indicators we used:
  • responsible conduct as a group member
  • using and understanding language (receptive and expressive)
  • sociodramatic play with peers
  • number sense of quantity and counting

Wrapping Station

We have a new area in our classroom! We will be playing (working) in the Wrapping Station. This has been fun, but it does require a few supplies. Could you help by sending in some wrapping paper and tape? We would be very appreciative of this. Thanks in advance for making our learning fun and meaningful!

One Last Picture I Couldn't Resist! We Had a Fun Day!

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Book Orders are due on Tuesday, December 8th.

You may go online to order and use our classroom code: DYQ2P. If you write a check and send it in, please make it payable to "Scholastic." I can double-bag orders you would like to keep as a surprise, just let me know. Happy Reading!

Animated Alphabet

We have learned about several letters so far this year. We have met the characters that correspond with the letters P, U, O, M, X, A, D, T, S and R. This week, we met Rosie Raccoon. She likes to say /r/, and her special actions are roping and riding. Look for the letter R around your house.

Elf on the Shelf? Check out a great alternative!

Before you put your Elf on the Shelf, read this!

During the next week, many schools and families will be getting ready for their Elf on the Shelf who will make regular visits to his new home or classroom. His job is to watch and listen so he can report back to Santa who’s been naughty or nice.

Here is how to give a Conscious Discipline® twist to this beloved holiday tradition:

Remind your elf about the Power of Attention: What you focus on you get more of. There is an abundance of research that supports developing our power of attention to focus on behaviors we want to see from our children instead of those we don’t. At any given time, in classrooms and homes all over the world, there are children being helpful and some being hurtful. Which ones will get your elf’s attention? Where do you want to put your elf’s focus?

Allow your elf to be the vehicle that retrains your eyes to see the love and positivity that surrounds you. You can help the children in your care grow up seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. We can also teach our children that when there is an oops, it is an opportunity to learn, focus on a solution and find the beauty in the situation.

So! How can the Elf on the Shelf tradition be tweaked to focus on helpfulness? Here are some suggestions:

1. Read the book Shubert Sees the Best with your class or family.

2. Present each child with his/her own pair of heart shaped glasses to decorate. Click below for a FREE printable:

3. Everyone color and decorate their own pair of heart-shaped glasses just like Shubert's!

4. Once decorated, everyone put the glasses on and have a class or family meeting to talk about what it means to see the best in others.

5. Tell the children that the Elf on the Shelf will be seeing the best in others too! Make sure your elf is wearing his very own pair of heart shaped glasses everyday that he visits!

6. Create a bulletin board (school) or poster board (home) titled, “(Elf’s Name) _____ Helps Us See the Best! Cut snowflake shapes out of construction paper and put them in a basket near the board. Explain that when somebody notices someone being helpful or kind, they can write that person’s name on a snowflake and tape it to the board. Make sure the Elf on the Shelf is adding snowflakes to the bulletin board!

7. Have the Elf leave little notes that contain encouraging words and notices helpfulness: “You _____ (describe what the child did) so (describe how it contributed to others). That was helpful!


You cleaned up the race cars so no one would fall. That was helpful!

You reminded your Mom to put on her seatbelt so she would be safe. That was helpful!

You raised your hand quietly so others can learn. That was helpful!

As always, we wish you well!

Looking Ahead....

  • Next week, we will continue exploring the holiday season. We will be making gifts and cards. These are a surprise, so no prodding your preschoolers! Ha! :)
  • December 15th (Tuesday)--PJ Day and Movie Day--Wear your pajamas!
  • December 18th (Friday)--Party Day! You are welcome to join us for our parties at 11:40 and 3:45. I will be sending out a Signupgenius link to donate party supplies.
  • December 19th-January 4th--Winter Break

Every Child Together....