Biomedical Engeneering

By: Grace Anne Wilkinson

What are three jobs in the module im studying?

Orthotist- Design, measure, fit, and adapt orthopedic braces, appliances, or prostheses, such as limbs or facial parts for patients with disabling conditions.

Biomedical Engineer- Apply knowledge of engineering, biology, and biomechanical principles to the design, development, and evaluation of biological and health systems and products, such as artificial organs, prostheses, instrumentation, medical information system, and health management and care delivery systems.

Surgeon- Physicians who treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive, minimally- invasive, or non- invasive surgical methods, such as using instruments, appliances, or by manual manipulation.

What are the education requirements for those jobs?

Orthotist- Bachelor degree

Biomedical Engineer- Bachelor degree

Surgeon- PhD

What is the salary for each job?

Orthotist- $81,000

Biomedical Engineer- $90,000

Surgeon- $150,000 +