Survival Guide - Florida Everglades

By: Tina Nguyen

Location, Geography, and Climate

Florida Everglades is located in North America. In the winter it is mild and the temperatures are around 77 F to 53 F in the winter. In the summer it is hot and humid and the temperature is usually around 90 F.

Four Steps Needed to Survive

First thing first you have to get some to protect you with like an knife if you don't have one you can make one with a broken branch. Build shelter on HIGH grounds, but check your surroundings because there will insect and alligators on the ground at night. Build fire to cook and boil water to eat and drink. Strain and boil water it before you drink it.
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Animal Life

1. White tail deer 2. Alligator 3. Panthers

Panthers is the most aggressive animal that live in the Florida Everglade. They are big- cats. I prefer you to stay away from them.

Plant Life

1. Pond apple 2. Hammock 3. Coco-plum

Coco-plums are white-yellowish, red, or blue and they are edible. They usually grow during the spring. They are also sweet and juicy it is usually used for jam.