Prince's Secret Identity

By: Jacqusyn Grubb

Early Life

The musician prince was born June 7, 1958 in Minneapolis. The star plays twenty-two instruments. He is known by his famous style of clothes and his Purple Rain movie. He was in a band with his cousin when he was nineteen called 94 east. A major figure in popular music for over three decades, Prince is renowned as an innovator and is widely-known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence and wide vocal range. His music combines rock, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop, disco, psychedelic, jazz, and pop. Prince developed an interest in music at an early age.

Prince had a lot of unsuccessful demo tapes. Then in 1978 he release an album called For You. Then in 1979 he released an album called Prince and it went platinum. Then in 1984 he began referring as his band as Revolution and made an album called Purple Rain. Then in later year he made a movie named Purple Rain. The man was called the love symbol and he is still called the love symbol.

In 1987 Prince’s band broke up and he became a solo artist. In the years of 1994-1996 he had released five records. After he released his five records he signed with Arista Record. Because of his status as a Jehovah's Witness, Prince refuses to swear in his songs or regularly sing those that championed sexual freedom. Finally in 2004 Prince was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the city of Minneapolis some star such as prince studied and was born here.Recording artist Prince studied at the Minnesota Dance Theatre through the Minneapolis Public Schools.Then and another artist Doomtree playing First Avenue in 2010.The Minneapolis–St. Paul area is the second largest economic center in the Midwest, behind Chicago.Dakota Sioux were the region's sole residents until French explorers arrived around 1680. Nearby Fort Snelling, built in 1819 by the United States Army, spurred growth in the area. The United States government pressed the Mdewakanton band of the Dakota to sell their land, allowing people arriving from the east to settle there.

Minneapolis grew up around Saint Anthony Falls, the highest waterfall on the Mississippi. In early years, forests in northern Minnesota were the source of a lumber industry that operated seventeen sawmills on power from the waterfall. By 1871, the west river bank had twenty-three businesses including flour mills, woolen mills, iron works, a railroad machine shop, and mills for cotton, paper, sashes, and planning wood.Due to occupational hazards of milling, six local sources of artificial limbs were competing in the prosthetics business by the 1890s. The farmers of the Great Plains grew grain that was shipped by rail to the city's thirty-four flour mills. Millers have used hydropower elsewhere since the 1st century B.C., but the results in Minneapolis between 1880 and 1930 were so remarkable the city has been described as "the greatest direct-drive waterpower center the world has ever seen.

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Prince Wins Original Song Score: 1985 Oscars
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