A.K.A.: Andre Kirk Agassi

A Tennis Legend


The crowd was silent, but on the edge of their seats. He makes the serve, the crowd goes crazy! He is the only man to win four straight Grand Slam titles! Andre Agassi will go down in history!


Andre Agassi was born on April 29, 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His parents are Mike and Elizabeth Agassi. Andre was a prodigy in tennis. By the age of sixteen, he became a professional tennis player, and within two years he ranked #3 in the world.


1992: Wimbledon

1994: U.S. Open

1994: Andre Agassi Foundation for Education

1995: Australian Open

1996: Olympic Gold Medal

1999: Grand Slam- French Open

2000: Australian Open

2001: Opened Andre Agassi College Prepratory Academy

2001: Australian Open

2003: Australian Open

2006: Retired from Professional tennis.

2011: Inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame


Andre Agassi doesn't only play tennis, he also has many charities that he supports. Such as, the Agassi Foundation for Education. This foundation supports charter schools around the country. It allows children in areas with high drop out rates, to get an education and go to college. Andre also created 'Box Budd!es', a healthier snack option for kids. The sales benefit his education foundation. Box Budd!es has raised nearly $200 million since it began in 1994.


In 2006, Andre Agassi retired from tennis. He is married to Stefanie Graf, who is also a famous tennis player. They have two children, Jayden and Jaz. On July 9, 2011 he was inducted to the International Tennis Hall of Fame.


Today, Andre Agassi travels around the world influencing many, but he still calls Las Vegas, Nevada home.