School Uniforms

By: Darius Cannon and MIchael Gaisoa

"School uniforms surrender my freedom of expression.Uniforms make us all the same, do you think that's right if you surrender my freedom?" Wearing school uniforms can be difficult for some families. School uniforms are a bad idea. Many kids don't like them. Personally I've never had to wear a uniform, but if I had to I wouldn't like the school.
My first reason is that school uniforms are very expensive. Their average cost is $250. People might say you can help families who can help families who can't afford them, but school money could be used somewhere else other than what students wear. They are a big waste of money. Also if you have to wear your uniform every day, it has to be washed, and that can make your water bill go up.

Wearing school uniforms will not decrease the bullying that goes on in schools. It will increase the bullying. Bullies will be mad that they have to wear uniforms and bully kids even more. Kids usually don't get bullied for clothes, they get bullied for other reasons. Why would you even waste waste your money on uniforms if it won't help anything. It's just families wasting $200 on uniforms that have absolutely no meaning.

cons of school uniforms
School uniforms take away students ability to express themselves through their clothes. People might sat that you can express yourself through writing, and other things. You can express yourself through that, but some kids love their clothes and what they wear. Kids aren't school's dress up dolls. They are more than that and they deserve to wear what they want. They should wear something that is appropriate for school, but being able to express their personality's at the same time. Also another thing that people say is that school uniforms will improve your performance in school. They won't, how you do in school is a mindset. It doesn't matter about what you wear. I personally believe that whatever you wear doesn't make up your mind.
As you can see school uniforms have many downsides. They won't help anything, so why even get them? Why just make students keep their personality's all bottled up inside? I know that school uniforms aren't the right choice. They're expensive, and they won't stop bullying. Thank you for reading our paper.