St. Stephen's day

what is the holiday, celebrations, and the parade

What is St. Stephen's day

So most of you are wondering what is St. Stephens day? Well St. Stephen's day is a christen holiday to honor Saint Stephen. There is a feast on December 26 and 27. This holiday is mostly celebrated in Ireland, Italy, and all over Europe. There is also a Saint Stephen's day parade with dancing, singing, and games.

This is a firework show on St. Stephens day

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Here are videos of a firework show and a parade on St. Stephens day

St. Stephen's Day firework show

Shows all the fireworks that happen on St. Stephen's Day.

St. Stephen's Day parade

Shows the parade on St. Stephens day

This is a parade on St. Stephens day

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As you can see from these videos they celebrate the holiday the same as we usually celebrate holidays. But on the parade video you can see that the parade is a little different than our usual parade.


So now you know what the holiday is, how most people celebrate the holiday, and the big parade they have every year. I hope you now have a better understanding of what St. Stephens day is.
by: Irene Gourley