Of course Middle Earth is in Brazil! Where else would it be?

All about Brazil

Brazil has a very diverse climate, full of mountains, plains, forests, and bodies of water. The main language is Portuguese, but there is also much English spoken. Brazilian culture is one of the most diverse in the world, because of its melting pot of nationalities. It has many different festivals from different places. Also, it has very less population in some areas, making it easy for unknown dragons and other magical creatures to exist.

Why is it Middle Earth? Thats easy!!!!

The environment is a perfect match. weather that can change in the blink of an eye. Plus they have great forests, and towering mountains to sync with the books setting. However one thing doesn't fit. There are so many people there, wouldn't someone would notice a bigfoot running around chasing a fire- breathing, spiked and flying serpent, right. The book the Hobbit must have occurred before humans were residing in Brazil. That way, they have a beautiful environment to live in and separation from the dangerous human population.

Here's to all them non-believers

I know everyone is going for Europe and especially New Zealand, and that doesn't work. Why? The Vikings. The Vikings have no record of any other species of humanoids to coexist with them in New Zealand and they were the first human or human like creature ever found there. Brazil has both the right environment and opportunity for fantasy life while new Zealand lacks the later. Brazil wins.

In conlusion...

It is quite simply obvious. Brazil has an environment and size match with Middle Earth, as well as the opportunity for hidden life. Other rivaling regions, mostly in Europe, don't have the opportunity factor, which is a prominent roadblock for Middle Earth to exist. Therefore, Middle Earth must be in Brazil.
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