Chapter 22

Egypt,Nigeria,Algeria and Ghana

Group Members:

Andrés Eger

Michael Gabrie

Gustavo Delgado

Fernando Aguilar


Egypt Religous Culture

Egypt is across the Red Sea from Sandi Arabia , where the messenger of Islam , Muhammad , was born.

Muslim Beliefs

Muslims believe that the Qursn , their holy book, contains the words of God and that they were revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan .

Muslims believe in many of the teachings presented in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible.

An Islamic Renewal

Praying and fasting are two ways that Egyptian Muslims have brought their religion imto their daily lives.

Muhammad taught that men and women are equal in the eyes of God.

Diversity of life in egypt

Urban life about half or all Egyptians live in cities . Cairo , the nation's capital and largest city has more than 9.5 million people , more people than live im los angeles and chicago combined.

Many people move to the cities from rural ares.They hope to find jobs and better education.


Algerias Ethnic Groups

The berbers and Arabs are the two main etnic groups in algeria. They have lived there a long time ago. This people have survived the sahara desert for hundreds of years .they also have settled tonlive in the atlas mountains and the plains near algeries coast.they make a living by formung and hardling .

Berbers and arabs today

As the time pass , berbers and arabs have mixed together .berbers and the arbs of algeriebhave holdnmany conflicts but they know each other peacefully



Why are there so many ethnic groups and languages within one country? Before 1914, great britiqn had token over the goverment of nigeria. The borders had taken over the goverment of nigeria the borders of the british colony of niger included part of ria

Three different cultures

*The Yoruba: Farmers Near the Coast

*The Ibo: A Tradition of Democracy

*Counting Citizens


Moving Toward Independence

While the Gold Coast had many resources , most of its people were poor. Nkrumah believed that the people should benefit from the wealth of their own country , so he began traveling all over the country to convince the people to demand the independence from great britian.

Traditional Government in Ghana

The Akan are the largest ethnic group in Ghana.

While europeans were trading in gold and slaves on the coast , some Akan groups formed the Asante Kingdom . This kingdom became very rich from trade and controlled parts of the northern savanna and the coastal south, The Asante used all their power to try to stop the Europeans from taking over west Africa.


Nkrumah gave a moving speech to his people. Great Britian, he said , had finally agreed grant them sovereignty or political independence.