My name is Tracy Adams and I am your MM (Merchandise Manger) with C+I!

My role is to help mentor and coach you as you grow your business! I am looking forward to connecting!

Reminder: if you still need to complete the initial training, the link to register is:https://attendee.gototraining.com/rt/1161395801309262848?source=leadership

I'd love to share my top 3 keys to Fast Start success with you! I am hoping you can chat this week? You can schedule a time with me using the below link. Your fast start is such an important time in your career with c+i and I want you to have as much success as you can!

I would love to connect with you on Facebook,you can add me using the link:

Schedule a chat: https://tracyannadams.youcanbook.me/

Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do!

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Don't Forget!

Your 50% spree on items for your kit is your first 30 days! If you would like to know some of my FAVORITE and Best Selling Pieces to add to your Display Kit, please reach out. Tastes are different and there really is something for EVERYONE at Chloe +Isabel! The more you have to sell, the more you will sell! Happy Shopping!

I cannot wait to chat with you...

Please connect with me on Facebook! I can then add you to our team page:Southwest C+I Gems. It is there that I do much of our team postings, incentives, shout outs...and I want you to be a part of it!