Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

January 17th-January 20th

Notes from Mrs.Myers


I hope that everyone had a relaxing long weekend! Keep your fingers crossed and pray for no snow, because if there is no snow, then we have a three-day-weekend in February, another one in March, AND an extra day added to Spring Break in April! :D

This week is a test-heavy week, so please pay special attention to this week's schedule! Nothing will come as a shock! Although it is a test heavy week, the students have done a FANTASTIC job with the material they will cover! Please make sure to study at home nightly this week! Homework will be light so that there is PLENTY of time to review!

Also, please make sure that Friday Folders and Report Card Envelopes are signed and returned. Weekly updates will resume this week as well! I spent this past weekend jumping into my new semester of classes through West Georgia and getting the first few weeks completed so that I can dedicate my time this weekend to making sure that I can focus on updates. I know that you are all missing them! :)

If you have any questions, you know where to find me!


This Week

Topics We are Covering

Reading: Text vs. Video (Compare and Contrast)

Grammar: Frequently Confused Words: Too, To, and Two

Writing: Research and Note-taking

Social Studies: Finishing the American Revolution

Math: Fractions and Decimals

Word Work: Auto-

Read Aloud: Fever 1793

Tests, Quizzes, and Daily Grades

  • Social Studies Closed Notes Daily Grade
  • Math Daily Grade (day given will be dependent upon student performance)


  • Time for Kids Reading Assessment

  • The American Revolution Test
  • Word Study Daily Grade
  • Spelling Daily Grade

eClass- Important Week!

This week, there is TECHNOLOGY TITAN homework! It will be checked on Friday, and failure to complete the assignment means there will be study hall on Friday. If there are technical difficulties, I need to know BEFORE Friday so that he/she may complete the assignment using a student computer.

APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Team) 1/30/17 @ 6:30 PM

In last week's Friday Folder there was a goldenrod flyer that announced our first ever APTT meeting! Dr.Burnley has allowed a few classes per grade level to pilot this new program that has seen great success at other Gwinnett County elementary schools!

The idea is that we as teachers can come together with parents to teach a standard that is traditionally difficult for the students, and create some make-and-takes for you to work on this standard at home with your child! We are VERY excited to be one of the classes selected for this opportunity, and I would LOVE it if you could attend! The meeting is January 30th at 6:30 PM in our classroom. We will be making some pretty cool things to help our kids become the best readers that they can be, whether they are a below grade level, on it, or even above! Childcare will be provided for the evening! :)

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